Biography (English)

.Rasoul Rezaei (born 29 December 1984) is an Iranian pop singer, composer and songwriter living in Tehran

.From an early age, she learned to learn music solfeggio from Master Ali Khodaei and released her first music in 2007 under the name of Kind Grandmother

:Professional life

Rasoul Rezaei was first a poet and songwriter, and then in his youth, with the help of several of his friends, he composed and sang his music with only a keyboard instrument and a simple computer program
Very beautiful and unexpected pieces that were unique in their kind due to the limited facilities of that time

However, during his studies, he did not give up singing and started giving various concerts at the university where he studied by starting various music groups

Then he was gradually invited to other universities and sang
Rasoul Rezaei went on stage more than 100 times during his studies.

Finally, after graduating from university, Rasoul Rezaei took her singing career seriously and for the first time, by composing the song “ey Vatan”, she created a new path in her musical continued. So that he was immediately and for the first time invited to Iranian television and in fact this was an introduction to Rasoul Rezaei’s official and professional presence in the world of professional music

Currently, Rasoul Rezaei continues his activities inside Iran with more than 30 works of music


2013 Ey Vatan

2013 Be To Del Sepordam

2013 Be To Delsepordam 2 (Tv Genre)

2014 Havaye Baroon

2014 Havaye Baroon 2 (Tv Genre)

2014 Zakhme Kohneh (with Iranian Doubler Manouchehr Valizadeh)

2014 Tabe Jodaei (Zakhme Kohneh 2)

2015 Dooset Daram

2015 Etefaghe Khoob

2016 Deltangi

2017 Do Rooze Donya

2018 Fasle Khatereh (With Mojtaba Kabiri)

2018 Fasle Khatereh 2

2019 Del Mibari

2019 In Roza

2020 Khabzadeh

2021 Khabzade 2 (Guitar Version)

2021 Man Asheghet Shodam (Coming Soon…)

2021 Ham Ghadam (Coming Soon…)

2021 Kenaret Khoobe Halam (Coming Soon…)

2021 Tamoomesh Kon (Coming Soon…)